Digital data protection & E-commerce

Digital data protection & E-commerce

Our lawyers advise the clients regarding the IT and eCommerce Law in the UAE. Thereby assisting the clients in making prudent decisions to benefit from the provisions of the IT and E-Commerce Law and Data Protection. We are trusted in advising and provide the following additional specialized services on:

  • Protection of copyrights and trademarks and infringement cases involving the Internet.
  • Contracts pertaining to software development, license and supply chain.
  • Agreements related to web-hosting, service, online trading, subscribers, technology transfer, content license, distribution and other similar areas.
  • All forms of dispute resolution involving domain name, business process, and Internet patents.
  • Counsel on effective use of disclaimers and agreements for data protection.
  • Employee Privacy Policies to curb the chances of breach by an employee regarding confidential data.
  • Guidance in drafting of license strategy/agreements to cover issues such as fields of use, exclusivity, and geographic limitations.
  • Contracts pertaining to Hardware supply and maintenance.
  • Legalization and regulation in connection with eCommerce.

We are on hand, where and when required, to help them respond to challenges and make the most of opportunities.

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