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Digital & Data Protection

preparing legislation and policies relating to data protection. proposing and approving mechanisms for data subject complaints and compensation. proposing standards for the monitoring of the data protection legislation. issuing guidance for the full implementation of data protection legislation. imposing administrative penalties. .mkd-toolbar-holder { display: none;}...

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Tax Law

Offer a full range of services including Tax Litigation Tax declaration problems Tax Penalties Evaluation Disputes .mkd-toolbar-holder { display: none; } ...

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Intellectual Property

Offer a full range of services including: Registration Renewal Amendments Licensing Patent protection Trademarks Copyright Portfolio Management Litigation Enforcement of rights .mkd-toolbar-holder { display: none; } ...

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Banking & Finance

Our lawyers provide legal advice to the banking and financing sector, in particular Islamic finance, which's is very popular in the middle east region and is rapidly expanding to global markets. Al Mansoori & Partner expertise in the filed of finance includes the formation of financing though profit and loss sharing joint venture(Musharakah) Profit and loss sharing partnership(Mudarabah), Cost-Plus(Murabaha) and leasing (Ijarah), investment instrument, Islamic Insurance and reinsurance letter of credit and all forms of Islamic financing Our Experienced team also advises on general banking facilities, including handling of defaulted loans, debts and unstable financial conditions .mkd-toolbar-holder { display: none; } ...

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Real Estate

We have extensive experience in the real estate industry and we provide legal services related to real estate investment activity and real estate developers. The most prominent services we offer in this field are the following: Commercial and residential real estate. Dispute settlement between tenants and landlords. Representing buyers Multinational Developers Checking title deeds of the property and verify their validity and that there are no contraindications to the transfer of ownership to the buyer Formulating lease contracts and selling real estate unites with guarantees the rights of their parties follow up of real estate registration procedures Financial evaluation of...

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International know-how in construction In-depth industry knowledge and commercial aptitude Expert experience in: Construction related Arbitration and Litigation Advising on civil engineering issues Advising and assisting in negotiations for settlement in Sub- Contractors disputes Court litigation or negotiation involving accidents in Construction Sites .mkd-toolbar-holder { display: none; } ...

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Our maritime lawyers provide a comprehensive service to the global maritime business community Our maritime team works with clients from all areas of the maritime sector including dry shipping, ship finance, banks, shipbuilders, ship-owners, charterers, marine insurer and brokers. In addition, our team is also involved in the international trade of commodities .mkd-toolbar-holder { display: none; } ...

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Wealth of experience on: Review of internal employment agreement/contracts provision of legal opinions on employment matters Advising on proper calculation of End of Service entitlement Advising on the validity of employee/employer termination Provision of support to  employee or employer in mediation of labor disputes before the GDRFA/MOHRE Assistance in employee/employer settlement negotiations Representation of employee or employer in labor courts Assistance in the enforcement of the executory judgments .mkd-toolbar-holder { display: none; } ...

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Experts in insurance disputes; we handle and defend claims for well-known insurers. Interpretation and drafting of commercial policies Specializing in insurance laws and regulations. Handling lawsuits which involves issues and disputes arising from: Property all risk insurance. Contract's all risks insurance Land air and marine cargo insurance Marine hull insurance Cars insurance Medical Malpractices insurance Insurance of workmen's compensation against work injuries Bankers blanket bond insurance Public liability's insurance Life insurance Handling all the related cases concerning insurance premiums Providing assessments about the legality of the claims and insurance policies .mkd-toolbar-holder { display: none; } ...

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Commercial Litigation

Proven track record on: Drafting and review of commercial contracts Providing legal opinion on the terms and conditions of contract Rendering advice on the merits and weakness of contracts Facilitating negotiations settlement between the parties Representing clients in debt collection, termination of contract and other commercial issues Handling arbitration proceedings Assistance in the enforcement of executory judgements .mkd-toolbar-holder { display: none; } ...

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